Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why was created?
Ans - is the product of restaurateurs who, after being the business for many years, saw a need for basic wine knowledge among their staff, but were looking for something easy and low maintenance to work into their wine program.

Q) How does the free trial work?
Ans - The Free trial gives you access to your dashboard, one of the lessons and the possibility to send 5 of your servers a test quiz.

Q) Can I upgrade from the free trial?
Ans - Yes just by clicking the upgrade button, you don’t even need to reenter your personal information, only your payment information.

Q) How will increase my wine sales?
Ans - is uniquely designed to aid your servers in discussing wine intelligently with your guests. Someone who may have passed on that second glass of wine may reconsider if a pairing is suggested. A guest who may be overwhelmed by the wine list selections may take a second glance if their server is armed with the knowledge to point them in the right direction. Knowledge is always linked with confidence, and that is the best tool a server has.

Q) How will improve my customers’ satisfaction levels?
Ans - More and more, your guests have an expectation to receive excellent customer service, which requires a friendly disposition, knowledge of menu items and of course, familiarity with your beverage list. provides the skills necessary to present a bottle flawlessly, and discuss your wine list accurately and effectively, ensuring a wonderful customer experience.

Q) How will motivate my staff?
Ans - The ability to sell more wine to a customer’s table generates a higher ticket average, which in turn brings a server’s tip total up as well. Nothing motivates more than potential money in their pocket at the end of the night, and being armed with the right amount of know-how can achieve this easily and quickly!

Q) How does the manager dashboard work?
Ans - The manager dashboard is were you can access all the lessons, quizzes and manage your servers as well as see their progress.

Q) Are the quizzes always the same?
Ans - No, the quiz questions are drawn from a database of questions pertaining to each chapter. They range on a scale from easy to hard, and are drawn randomly, so it is rare that you will have the same quiz twice ever between your staff.

Q) What kind of content can I expect from the lessons?
Ans - The content of the lessons is very lively, with videos, animations and slideshow for each chapter. It is not intimidating or boring; your staff will enjoy taking the lessons.

Q) How do I manage my active and inactive students?
Ans - Just check the box next to the student name on your dashboard to make the student inactive.

Q) How do I sign my staff up for
Ans - Signing your staff up for is easy! To add your students, select the “Send Code” button to your left. When prompted add your employees email addresses and click “Send.” This will allow your students to receive the registration code via email.

Q) What do I need to set up an account? How long does it take?
Ans - To set up a free trial account you only need your employees email addresses. To set up a regular account you need a valid credit card as well. It only takes a few minutes.

Q) What is the registration code? How do my students sign up?
Ans - A registration code is generated when you sign up for an account. When you send your servers the link to sign up it sends them the registration code and the student sign up form so they can sign up under your account and appear on your dashboard

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